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Thomas Bachler
(Germany)[1961] b. Detmold, l. Dresden

large ouevre of conceptual b/w shadowgraphs, 1984-2003. Hightlights are shadowgraph series and shadowgraphs taken from moving objects.

Patrick Bailly-Maître-Grand
(France)[1945] b. Paris, l. Strasbourg

Rayogramme des araignée, 1988, b/w spider shadowgraphs

Anneaux d'eau, b/w positive photogram of a hand creating rings in the water, 1999. Text by Sophie Bellé

Geraldo de  Barros
(Brazil)[1923–1998] b. Xavantes/SP, d. São Paulo

"Sobras", prints from collages of cut negatives, 1996

Thomas Barrow
(USA)[1938] born in Kansas City, Missouri, l. Albuquerque

"Disjunctions 2" (1981) from the spray paint series is mainly spraied bad also seems to have aspects of a shadowgraph

"Discrete Multivariate Analysis", 1981, two b/w photograms with automotive lacquers and epoxy enamel

Heike Bartels
(Germany)[] b. Köln, l. New York

Untitled (Mandala), 1997, b/w-luminogram evoqued by mirro reflection

Massimo Barzagli
(Italy)[1960] b. Marradi, l. Prato

MAI HOME, large photgrams on c-print paper, 2005

Hippolyte Bayard
(France)[1801–1887] b. Breteuil-sur-Noye, d. Nemours

"Dessins photographiques sur Papier. Recueil No. 2." [The "Bayard Album"], including cyanotypes and salted papers with contact prints of plants, tissues and feathers,1839-1867

Herbert Bayer
(USA)[1900–1985] born in Haag/A - Montecito, USA

Contact #31, b/w stencil photogram, 21,5 x 18 cm, 1935

Franck Beaubois
(France)[1967] b. L'Haÿ-les-Roses/ Val de Marne, l. Bruxelles

radical shadowgraphic performances on b/w photopaper, 1992-96. E.g. for "7 jours en zone sensible" B. lived together with M. Vincent for one week in a dark room on photo paper.

Henri Becquerel
(France)[1852–1908] b. Paris, d. Le Croisic

first autoradiogram: uranyl potassium sulfate fogging a photo plate, March 1896

autoradiogram experiment with beta-rays, 1901

autoradiograms published 1903 in the Mémoires de l'Académie des sciences de l'Institut de France

Sergio Belinchón
(Spain)[1971] b. Valencia, l. Berlin

Shadows, 2004, short video of the shadows of walking people in the street

Bruno di Bello
(Italy)[1938] b. Torre del Greco (Napoli), l. Milano

Scritturar di Luce, drawing with light pen on photographic canvas, 1976

Selfportrait with Dafne, partially developed (brush), blue toned b/w body shadowgraph, 1985

Paola di Bello
(Italy)[1961] b. Naples, l. Milan

Lucciole, firely luminograms on b/w paper, 1988-91

Fernando Bellver
(Spain)[1954] Madrid

x-ray body and animal photograms on lightbox, 2002

David Berg
(USA)[1956] b. Berkeley, California

Negative Painting, 1998 and Double Negatives, 2000

Walead Beshty
(UK)[1976] b. London, l. Los Angeles

"Two Sided Picture (YY)", colour luminogram made with folded c-print paper, 2006

diary of 12.000 cyanotypes on a 90m long wall, 2014

"Fold (60°/120°/180°/240°/300°/360° directional light sources)", folded paper, 2008

untitled, folded cyanotype, 2009

"Picture Made by Hand with the Assistance of Light", crumbled b/w paper, 2011

Jayne Hinds Bidaut
(USA)[1965] New York

Tadarida Brasiliensis, tintype shadowgraph of a Mexican Freetail Bat skelekton, 1999, 14 x 11"

Pat Binder
(Argentina)[1960] b. Buenos Aires, l. Berlin

objects with X-ray plates, 1984-1987

Marietta Blau
(Austria)[1894–1970] b. Wien, d. Lainz

nuclear "star" caused by cosmic rays, pdf facsimile of "Sterne der Zertrümmerung", 1937, p.21.

"nuclear photograms" on nuclear emulsion plates discovered 1937 on the Hafelekar near Innsbruck (together with Hertha Wambacher)

Norbert Andreas Bleyer
(Germany)[1969] Freiburg i.Brsg./D

b/w body photograms and luminograms, 1982-2002

Maria Blondeel
(Belgium)[1963] b. Halle, l. Ghent

Various works and installations based often on blueprint photograms (1987-2000). E.g. a slide installation with image-densities translated into sound waves.

Erika Blumenfeld
(USA)[1971] b. New Jersey, l. Santa Fe

Light Leaks Variation No. 13 [0 x infinity: meditation on evolution], from Light Graphs, luminograms made with a polaroid camera with a removed lens, 1999

"Light leaks" & "Light rercordings", based on film and polaroid exposed to day- and moonlight, 1999-2005

Monika von Boch
(Germany)[1915–1993] Mettlach

Knüppelbild & Moos/Sporenträger, b/w shadowgraphs, 1958 and later

Gweneth  Boelens
(Netherlands)[1980] b. Soest, l. Amsterdam

Liars cloth, shadowgraph of textiles on c-print paper, 2015

Christian Boltanski
(France)[1944] Paris

trailer about the work "Theatre d'Ombres", 1985/1990

collection of the artist's shadow installation as "Les Ombres" (1996)

Lou  Bonin (Tchimoukoff)
(France)[1878–1963] b. Avignon, d. Vichy

b/w photocalques used as patterns for wall paper printing (Brepols), 1928

Juliana Borinski
(France)[1979] b. Rio de Janeiro/ BR, l. Paris

"Surfaces of Plateau", b/w shadowgraphs of wire structures, 2011, more recent shadowgraphs on colour paper

Stan Brakhage
(USA)[1933–2003] b. Kansas City, d. Victoria/ British Columbia

"Motlight", 1963, motion picture made by clich�e verre of butterflies and plants on clear 16 mm celluloid, 4 min

Daniel Tobias Braun
(Germany)[1975] b. Pforzheim, l. Karlsruhe

"Sprung" and "Raketogramme": large photograms on colour negative paper by jumping in the water or burning rockets (2003/2006)

Théodore Brauner
(Romania)[1914–2000] b. Vienna, d. Paris

"Solarfixes", chemigrams on b/w paper, ca. 1950

Kilian Breier
(Germany)[1931–2011] b. Saarbrücken-Ensheim, d. Hamburg

Knicke, b/w luminogram, 1960-65

raster photogram 1958/99

b/w photogram of torn strings, 1950's

Josef Breitenbach
(Germany)[1896–1984] b. Munich, d. New York

Fireworks, b/w shadowgraph, 1949

Marco Breuer
(Germany)[1966] b. Landshut, l. New York

brûlages 1999/2000

Untitled (Coal & Cloath), burned silver gelatin paper, 1996

album "errata" with enlarger photograms of foam on ilfochrome and red safety light luminograms on polaroid, 2002


Adam  Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin
(South Africa)[1970] b. Johannesburg, l. London

"the day", 'embedded' luminograms made with a roll of c-print paper in Summer 2008 in Afghanistan

Christopher Bucklow
(UK)[1957] b. in Manchester/ l. in Frome

4 blue body shape works

"Guests", autoportraits series in his B.'s known technique

Jerry Burchfield
(USA)[1947–2009] b. Chicago/IL, l. Laguna Beach, California

Primal Images, lowfixed plant photograms on undeveloped b/w paper, 2002

Second Degree Still Life #7, ilfochrome photogram, 95.9 x 69.2 cm, 1981 (combined photogram and photography of the same objects)

ilfochrome shadowgraphs of human body, textiles, books etc., 1972-1997

Untitled #907, from the "Pic a Shirt" series, ilfochrome, 1976